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Immigration Litigation and Appeals Policies

Appealing Immigration Decisions Is Complicated and Requires Swift, Competent Action

In this democracy, even those who have issues with their immigrant status are protected under our laws. Those who reside in Alexandria or in other nearby suburbs of Virginia can find help in that matter with the legal team at Bhagat & Associates. If you are under a deportation order, Bhagat & Associates can help direct and channel your appeal request before the Board of Immigration Appeals or through the federal court systems.

The entire world of immigration litigation and appeals policies are under duress and deep scrutiny. This is largely due to the increased threats of terrorism the country is facing. Immigrants from most of the areas that are considered dangerous by our State Department face serious obstacles. Our staff is well versed in the language and customs of the countries where much of that terrorist activity is based. That knowledge may help us understand your background and help overturn your deportation order.

We honestly believe that because of our reputation and skill in maneuvering through the immigration process, your chances of winning your appeal have a much greater chance of success with Bhagat & Associates representing you.