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Tn Visas Nafta Visas Mexican Citizens and Canadian Citizens

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Professionals — TN visas/NAFTA visas for Mexican Citizens and Canadian Citizens

  • Good Neighbors = Good Trade Policies
    Two of our country’s most important trade partners are Canada and Mexico. It is for that reason a special trade relationship exists between the United States, our Canadian neighbors to the north and Mexico to our immediate south. The conditions are spelled out in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Bhagat & Associates offers clients based in Fairfax and other cities in Virginia and Maryland their solid expertise in all immigration related issues, including the very important NAFTA trade treaty.

Take Advantage of NAFTA Benefits
The Bhagat Group of Immigration attorneys can assist you and help you take advantage of the treaty’s favorable trade provisions. NAFTA allows citizens of both of these neighboring countries to work certain prearranged activities, for US and/or foreign companies with operations in the United States.
As an International law practice centrally based near D.C., Bhagat attorneys are well versed in the workings of NAFTA. They have the knowledge and experience to help Canadians and Mexican citizens obtain their nonimmigrant Professional (TN) visa. Our law practice can also pave the way for permanent residents of these countries hoping to work in the US.