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Washington, D.C. Immigration Law Attorney

For over 25 years, one name has stood out in the District of Columbia for quality representation in the area of immigration law: Raj K. Bhagat of the law firm of Bhagat & Associates.

Straightforward And Effective

Serving clients in the Washington, D.C., area, across America and even worldwide, Bhagat & Associates provides straightforward, effective counsel and representation to non-U.S. citizens concerned about deportation and individuals, family members, employees, employers, asylum seekers and foreign researchers seeking American exchange visas.

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High Rate Of Success For Business Immigration Issues

Bhagat & Associates boasts a high rate of success for clients seeking visas, green cards and other immigration services. Experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable, Washington, D.C., immigration lawyer Raj K. Bhagat handles applications and other legal matters in full compliance with current immigration laws.

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Bhagat & Associates is ready to help domestic and international clients navigate U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) (formerly INS) laws and regulations related to:

Services are available in several languages, including:

Hindi · Urdu · Punjabi · Bengali · Spanish · Arabic.

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