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Religious Persecution • Racial Persecution • Political Persecution • National Origin Persecution • Persecution Based on Membership in a Particular Social Group • Persecution in Violation of the Torture Convention

Learn the facts about application for political and religious asylum in the U.S. Asylum status is appropriate for foreign nationals in the U.S. who are unable or unwilling to return to their home country because of persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality or membership in a particular social or political group.

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If you qualify for religious or political asylum in the United States, you must apply within one year after arriving in this country. Washington immigration law firm Bhagat & Associates has a high rate of success assisting immigrants and foreign visitors to the U.S.

Clients of Bhagat & Associates are valued and respected as individuals. The firm works hard to expedite applications for asylum, employment-based immigrant visas, cultural exchange visas, family-based visas and naturalization/citizenship. We understand individual circumstances and up-to-date immigration laws and application requirements.

Contact an experienced District of Columbia immigration lawyer to schedule an initial consultation. Bhagat & Associates welcomes your call or email. Languages spoken by the attorney and staff at Bhagat & Associates include Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali, Spanish and Arabic.