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L (Intra-Company Transfer Visas)

Washington, D.C. L Visa Attorney

L visas allow individuals who are already employed by a company to enter the U.S. to work for the same company in the United States. It allows corporate managers, executives and technical employees to work in the U.S. Because the L1 visa is a nonimmigrant visa, the employee must plan to leave the U.S. when the visa expires.

Company Transfer Visa Lawyer For Northern Virginia And Maryland

L visas are considered a necessity for American business, but the process can still be challenging. You will save time and likely avoid refusal if you work with a skilled and experienced L visa attorney like Bhagat & Associates.

Visa Assistance For Intracompany Technical Employees

L1 visas are for the employee, and L2 visas are for the employee’s family members.

Ask for assistance at the law offices of Bhagat & Associates regarding these or other required visas and green cards.

Washington, D.C. L Visa Lawyer

The law firm of Bhagat & Associates has successfully worked with numerous employers to obtain managerial, executive and technical workers to accomplish corporate objectives.

Not all immigration lawyers are alike. For your immigration matter to be dealt with effectively and successfully, you want to choose a lawyer who knows the ropes and understands every aspect of immigration law. The firm must be adept in a host of activities, from the proper completion of paperwork to the more intense tasks of litigation and appeals.

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